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Fanatic Poetry
Poetry + Fandom = Life
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22nd-Jun-2008 01:21 pm - Monthly Challenges
Boys Over Flowers - Jan-di orange
So in an effort to revive this community, I thought maybe I should start posting like monthly theme challenges to inspire you all?

What do you think?

It'd be like a prompt, a word, lyrics, pictures, that sort of thing. And if you want to try to write a poem based on it, you could, and you'd have a month. (I think that's plenty of time.)

I know some of you are busy with other things (I know I am), and real life in general, so it's kind of hard to sit down and write out something. But I'm thinking that maybe prompts will help.

Please take a few minutes to fill out the poll, and feel free to expand your opinions in the comments. Thanks. ^^

Poll #1208979 Monthly Challenges

Should we have monthly theme challenges?

TICKY BOX!! (aka I don't care either way.)
Boys Over Flowers - Jan-di orange
Fallin' In Love

We're just friends
Nothing more
Even though I love you
More than all the rest

It'll happen
Someday it'll happen for you
And I don't hope that it's with me
Cos' I don't deserve you
And something like me
Should never happen
to an angel like you

I don't regret ever knowing you
But I regret fallin' in love with you
Cos' it can never be
For you deserve better
than someone like me
31st-Aug-2007 03:32 am - Futile Wishing (Doctor Who, Rose)
Boys Over Flowers - Jan-di orange
You wish you were traveling through the stars;
You wish for so many things,
that your heart never stops,
beating like a cheetah's on the hunt, never still,
for long,
that is one of the things you wish for as well,
that he'd settle with you,
and your plain life,
but you woulnd't dream of asking him for it,
because you don't want it either,
all you want is to be with him,
but even asking and wishing for that is a bit much,
you learn later on.
25th-Aug-2007 12:24 pm - Kingdom Hearts & Twilight

Heylo. I don't really write fandom poetry often, but I'll try haha.

Kingdom Hearts, Kairi centric.

Stars of Memory

A memory, a lone star in the night sky.
Gazing upon the night's beauty, and releasing a sigh,
Wishing for a shooting star, to remember nights of peace,
Wishing to see him, and live your day dreams which have all but ceased,
Since the day you said goodbye.
For now you will just have to smile and sigh,
Maybe one day when he returns, he will whisper the words into your ear,
The words that you so long to hear,
The day dream that has kept you alive,
Him pulling you into a tight embrace and mumuring, "I love you, Kai."

Twilight, Edward centric (though I think it might sound a little too girly for him lol. Oh well.)

 On the Edge

Twisted my words
To the point where they don't make sense anymore
How can I make you see
That I pretend I don't care
to hide what I'm really feeling

And I know its not right
And I know I promised
But love has its boundaries
and I think I'm on the edge
About to fall

I just hope you'll realize
And be there to catch me.

Hi! I'm Krissy - I come bearing haikus and other short-ish poems XD They're not too good, so bear with me =P

Hannah Montana - Miley gen!poems and Miley x Oliver poems

She stares at herself
Not sure who's in the mirror
Hannah or Miley

He sneaks a few glances
Not sure who he's in love with
Hannah or Miley

It's not real to her
She is just a country girl
Glamour's not her thing

He wants to love her
But she thinks he loves Hannah
He loved her first

Pride and Prejudice - Elizabeth gen!poem, Jane x Bingley poem

Her impertinence
It unconsciously attracts
She's just being her

"Beautiful!" they said
Not knowing her true shyness
Only he sees through

Kingdom Hearts - Sora gen!poems

He stared out at space
He'd fight, but not for his world
Destiny Islands

He stared out at space
The worlds wouldn't fight for him
An unwilling job

The work piled on
He needed to save his friends
But he needs saving
24th-Aug-2007 07:32 pm - NCIS poem!
NCIS team bar
Well, I don't know if anyone here is interested, but I wrote an NCIS poem and decided to share. You don't even really have to know NCIS to understand the poem, either. But if you DO know NCIS, this poem will probably put a smile on your face. :)

the mortician

slide a steel tray from your gutter,
your locked refrigerator wall, bright
lights like shocked faces blinding
the floor into reflective glares –
you were expecting that, yes?
slice a deep latter letter into chest
caverns, peeling back cold muscle
and revealing some cool stench,
a prepared pickled organ or two,
then wait, with an englishman’s
gentle patience, for the once-alive
to speak to you again – talk, sailor,
tell us your little story, you insist,
then continue with the autopsy,
satisfied with what you have heard.
23rd-Aug-2007 01:19 am - A few things
Boys Over Flowers - Jan-di orange
Hi, this is MD- your friendly mod. ^^

Firstly, thank you to everyone for making this a pretty active comm. I know it's not teeming with activity, but so far it's better than it was. And it can only get better, I believe.

Secondly, I've decided to memory-ify all the current postings. I don't know if it's a good idea or not...but I figured that I try it while there wasn't a lot to memory-ify. And for now, it's okay if you guys don't memory-ify; I'll take it upon myself whenever the comm gets updated. Just wanted to give a heads-up.

Thirdly, just for future reference, and because I think it'll help people when they browse the archives, for future posters to put the fandom in the subject line. And the tags as well. Please and thank you. ^^

That's the only thing I ask that posters do to make the archiving and the browsing a bit easier.

That is all. ^__^
22nd-Aug-2007 09:41 am(no subject)
[☆] - [Stitch] - [OH NOES!; L&S]
=] Hellu again. Tis Beth...again. I come with an Axel from Kingdom Hearts Poem. It has a little spoiler for the second game just so you don't go OMG SHE RUINED IT FOR ME! Anyways... Enjoy =]

Found at FF.net here http://www.fanfiction.net/s/3739107/1/Burning_To_Be_Someone

Burning To Be SomeoneCollapse )
20th-Aug-2007 08:32 am - =];;
[☆] - [Stitch] - [OH NOES!; L&S]
Hello =] I'm Beth and I bring a Kingdom Hearts poem. Now this is the first time I've done a fandom poem so I don't know how well I did, but I tried. So here it is =]

Found on FF.NET here ~

Summer Memories

The long lazy days
The short cool nights
Three shadows
Rest against the sand
Hands held together
Sun pounding down
The feel of something,
Something strong
Friendship ties
That never loosen
Through out time
When they're separated
They keep each other
In their hearts
Never to forget
Their memories together
Sora, Kairi, Riku
Destiny Island will,
will always be waiting

-August 19th 2007
19th-Aug-2007 09:43 pm - Insignificant [Kingdom Hearts, Riku]
❰&❱ sonata ☇ inquisitory
Well, this is REALLY REALLY OLD. But I love this comm. So I'm posting it. And I'll write something totally new for it soon, but until then~

Kingdom Hearts / Riku angsty-ness.
[ http://www.fanfiction.net/s/2213658/1/Insignificant ]

Reaching for roses, cut by thorns

I am the traveler, weary and worn

The pain is subtle, the dagger well hid

Yet sharp as it slices its target to bits

Leaving behind naught but a scar

Invisible bruises on the victimized heart

And a question lingers; what will ache more?

Memories ‘round it or the wound so sore?

A tale was once spun, too good to be true

Of one turned to darkness with power anew

The story was bait, so real though a lie

And in the whole system, the fish caught was I

The reason was simple, the motive was clear;

To simply aid those whom I held dear

But life is a car with control of its own

It veered to the path by darkness shown

No use in helping those needing no aid

“Don’t fix it if not broken” they said

I was unneeded, extraneous, spare

Why care for friends who in turn did not care?

Just let the car drive into forests unknown

Getting lost won’t matter if already alone

Fade into the fog and run from the hunt

To the world I am that insignificant.
Maybe Today

When You Ran Away

When you ran away,
to her
to help her
to see if she was all right
...if she was alive
you broke my heart
and left me standing alone...

you did come back
but that makes me wonder...
for how long?
for how long will you stay with me?
when her call is too irresistible?
and I mean little compared with her?

7th-Apr-2007 06:49 pm - ~Untitled (Naruto)
Boys Over Flowers - Jan-di orange

[Naruto, Gaara, PG]


a demon that only loves itself
that was the name given to me
by my mother
who had to die
so I could live
so I could live
so that I could have a chance to experience life

why did she hate me so much?
why did she have to bring me into this world?
to experience such hatred and pain?
did she hate me that much?
why did she hate me?
why'd she give me this life?

you were never once loved, Gaara, never...
I guess it's true: she never did love me,
she only had pure hatred for me...
that's why she gave me this life....
doesn't matter, nothing matters anymore
I'll show her! I don't need anybody,
I don't need love

love only makes you weak
and vulnerable
it's the death of you
but it won't be the death of me!
I'll show them...
I'll show them all that I can become strong without their help!
I don't need anybody...
I don't need anybody...


7th-Apr-2007 06:45 pm - Intro
Boys Over Flowers - Jan-di orange
Welcome! And go crazy with the poetry!

There really aren't a lot of rules (only one), but anyways, please look at the profile page. You'll find out everything you need there and if you don't, then please go ahead and ask here. ^_~
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