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Welcome to fanatic_poetry. This is a community primarily like all those other fandom communities except in this fandom community you write poetry instead of fiction for your fandoms.

A pseudo-FAQ for your convenience:

[Q] So, I can post poetry about any fandom?
[A] Yes, you may post about any anime, manga, game, book (including mythological poetry), or TV show/live action fandom. Like for example, Harry Potter, One Piece, Final Fantasy, or really even any other obscure fandom out there.

[Q] What kind of poetry can I post?
[A] Whatever kind you write. ^__~ It can be really any genre, can have any structure, whatever. If you want to write a narrative, epic, or a haiku, or anything in between, go right ahead.

[Q] What if my poem happens to have an above PG-13 rating?
[A] You may link to your journal, but please friends-lock it and warn the readers.

[Q] When should I use an lj-cut?
[A] I’ll let you use your judgment on that. However, if it’s a lengthy poem and it takes a few scrolls to see it all, or is spoiler-ish, then it most likely needs to be behind an lj-cut. But as I said before, it’s really up to you and if it’s really short, and won’t scar any impressionable minds, then you most probably don’t need to bother with an lj-cut.

[Q] What about posting about any specific pairings?
[A] Since I don’t want to squelch any creativity, any and all pairings in your poem will be allowed, be it female x male, male x male, or female x female, but if it’s the latter two, please, again, warn the readers and put it behind an lj-cut, no matter the length or rating in case it's not someone else's cup of tea.

[Q] Is there any specific posting format I need to follow?
[A] No, not really. Format your poem however you want to. Just please put the fandom(s) in the tags and the subject line for the reader’s reference. Anything else you might want to add to the tags of your entry, you may.

The most important rule:

  • Be nice!
This means not bashing any content of the poems and generally, just being kind to each other. If you get into any arguments, and or generally bother the rest of the members, you’ll get banned. You may give constructive criticism, but only that.

~The lovely layout is courtesy of gossymer.